General Staffing

At Topbells HR Solutions, We believe in providing unique and different solution for each service under general staffing that gives us edge of being preferred partners with various clients. We try to work as extension of our client and create processes that meet requirements and reduce inefficiencies.

A transparent system of both function and operation is carried for each client basis their specific requirement. This leads to seamless process driven output that exceeds the overall objective of general staffing as expected by clients.

We serve clients in various industries, from FMCG to IT, from consumer durables to Ecommerce and so on, in various disciplines like Bikers, Managers, sales to backend staff, Merchandisers to Lead creators etc.

Analysis of data is important and we try to add value to the proposition as a part of Managed Service to let our clients take important decisions in designing their strategies to gain competitive edge over others.

Our Mission

  • To become the largest Marketing and Human Resource Service Provider in the country, complimented with quality and innovative service in various domains at a reasonable and affordable investment. Setting new standards of Service excellence and Excellent Execution in the sphere of business and become the driving force with unique techniques and solutions. Least turn around time, professionalism and process driven output to be the foundation of the service framework.
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